Roll With The Punches Podcast EP81 Poo. The Antidote To Bipolar? (FMT) Fecal Microbiota Transplant | Jane Dudley

I was interviewed yesterday by the awesome Tiff about my journey curing Bipolar 1 Disorder with FMT (fecal microbiota transplant). šŸ’© It’s the best podcast I’ve ever done. I share my story and info about where the research is at. It’s 1 1/2 hrs long and we cover a lot of ground. Please listen and share and subscribe. There are 8 people who have reduced/resolved/cured bipolar disorder with FMT. Clinical trials are underway. Gut microbiome interventions are the medicine of the future for various mental illnesses.Below is the Apple Podcast link,…/ep82-poo…/id1520188386…And here is the Spotify link for Android users:…

Still 100% symptom free and med free from bipolar 1 – 3 years post FMT

Hi! It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on this blog. I’ve been busy enjoying and living life. I just created this newsletter for people who have signed up to my blog and it details my progress over the last year or so and also has the anecdotal success stories of 4 other people who have used FMT (fecal microbiota transplant) to treat their bipolar symptoms. This newsletter also has information on donor selection and screening, plus a whole lot of other resources and links to videos, podcasts, book recommendations and details of my experience healing my trauma.
I hope my story provides hope and inspiration for others.
Jane -15.6.20

Newsletter June 2020

Still symptom free after FMT

Hi interested people..
I’ve finally gotten around to creating a video update of my progress. I recorded this in late December 2018.

This 36 minute video details my entire journey with FMT.

  • My history of mental illness
  • How my partner Alex discovered the link between the gut and mental illness
  • How we learnt about FMT and how to do it at home
  • The ideal donor: Including safety of FMT
  • How my psychiatrist was on board with the experiment
  • How often we did it
  • What happened during the process: How long did it take to experience improvement
  • How my symptoms declined over time and the exponential increase in wellbeing.
  • Going off medication
  • The link between antibiotics and my symptoms
  • When my symptoms first appeared
  • Where I’m at now.
  • Why it’s taken me so long to write this update
  • The research is well on its way

Below is a link to a newsletter I created recently that has a lot more information and links to studies etc.


What Have We Dung? Did poo cure my bipolar disorder?

G’day from Australia!

If you are reading this post my guess is that you saw the CTV National News story that aired in Canada on the 12th May 2018 , which featured the groundbreaking clinical trialĀ that is underway in Toronto treating Bipolar depression with FMT (faecal microbiota transplantation).

My name is Jane Sullivan and I am the Australian woman in that story who experimented with FMT at home to treat Bipolar 1 Disorder. It has been a phenomenal success story. My partner is my donor, and we first did FMT on the 8th November 2016. Within three months my symptoms started to disappear, and by August 2017 under the guidance of my excellent psychiatrist Dr Russell Hinton I was able to cease all regular medication. It is now May 2018 and I am still well. I have not experienced depression for over a year now and I am not medicated. This is unprecedented. In July 2017 my story was featured on Australian National Television on an SBS program called “The Feed”


I am creating this blog because my anecdotal success story is significant. I am living proof of what the Canadian doctors are hoping to achieve in their world first clinical trial. Bipolar Disorder is the sixth leading cause of disability in the world. One in five people with Bipolar disorder suicide, and it is a horrendous illness to live with. Currently there is no cure for Bipolar Disorder, yet I am in complete remission. The longer I remain well, and the more functional I am, the more obvious it is that FMT corrected the underlying cause of my illness. After the second anniversary of my first FMT (November 8th 2018), my psychiatrist is going to write my case study up in the Australian & New Zealand journal of Psychiatry, which will make my story relevant in the medical world.

If you are interested in my story my guess is that you know someone with Bipolar Disorder or have the illness yourself. FMT may seem extreme to many people, but there are so many things a person can do to help heal their illness. I want to share what knowledge and experience I have gained in my journey to remission. FMT cured my depression and made it possible for me to live a productive life, but I have made numerous changes in my lifestyle and diet that have contributed to my wellbeing. I have so much to share with those that are willing to listen, and so I have created this blog to share what knowledge I have, and to create links to relevant resources and studies.

My wish is to inject hope into Bipolar community, and to empower people to take steps to heal themselves. I want to be an advocate for further research, and to raise the awareness of gut health relating to mental illness.

As you can see the content of this blog is extremely thin at this stage, and over time I will create a resources page, and continually update this blog with the latest science relating to mental illness and gut health, and updates of my personal journey.

I plan to create a regular newsletter/blog and if you wish to receive this newsletter as an email please subscribe here: Sign up for newsletter



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