Still symptom free after FMT

Hi interested people..
I’ve finally gotten around to creating a video update of my progress. I recorded this in late December 2018.

This 36 minute video details my entire journey with FMT.

  • My history of mental illness
  • How my partner Alex discovered the link between the gut and mental illness
  • How we learnt about FMT and how to do it at home
  • The ideal donor: Including safety of FMT
  • How my psychiatrist was on board with the experiment
  • How often we did it
  • What happened during the process: How long did it take to experience improvement
  • How my symptoms declined over time and the exponential increase in wellbeing.
  • Going off medication
  • The link between antibiotics and my symptoms
  • When my symptoms first appeared
  • Where I’m at now.
  • Why it’s taken me so long to write this update
  • The research is well on its way

Below is a link to a newsletter I created recently that has a lot more information and links to studies etc.


2 thoughts on “Still symptom free after FMT

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

    I just discovered you on a Reddit thread. I happened to stumble upon you while researching about bipolar disorder type 1.

    I have bipolar type 1 and it’s debilitating. I am currently experiencing a low right now and your story gives me hope.

    Much love from Canada!
    I look forward to checking up on your journey.


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